Friday, December 4, 2009

Max Klinger

Recently I had the good fortune to see a collection of amazing etchings at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Of the collection Max Klinger's "Paraphrases About the Finding of a Glove" was a big highlight. The series consists of ten etchings that are all based on the artist's real life experience of finding a woman's glove at a roller rink. Apparently Klinger found the lost glove, tried in vain to find its owner and ended up taking it home. The glove held a special fascination for him and that night he dreamt a series of dreams revolving around it. Being a surrealist painter and printmaker Max Klinger knew good material when he saw it (or dreamt it) so, happily for us, he turned his memories of his dreams into a series of etchings. Here they are in order (click for much better detail)..

If you're in the DC area check this show out, it really needs to be seen up close and in person..

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