Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HEIST NEWS: Swedish Helicopter Robbery!

The NY Times reports..

Come on, America. We are getting left in the dust in the international 'spectacular crime' race. First it was Britain with it's 60 million dollar diamond heist a few months back, and now Sweden ups the ante with a thrilling helicopter stunt that is bound to inspire dozens of children around the world into a life of crime. These heroes stole a helicopter, rappelled down into a cash depot (crashing through a glass skylight...jam!) and made off with a load of cash, then dumped the helicopter in a field somewhere and vanished into the early morning mist. Why didn't the Swedish police just chase after them in their own helicopter, you might rightly be asking? Because these clever gentlemen had already planted a fake bomb at the police helipad, keeping them from even going near their own whirly-bird! Yow! My hat's off to this group of merry men. Vaya con dios!

Update: I am really hoping this becomes a regular addition to the blog. We will cover in detail any breaking heist information, from anywhere in the world, as soon as it becomes available. We at the Department of Grievances salute high-profile thieves everywhere.

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  1. Wow. Hats off indeed, now THAT is how you earn a living! Now if only they could have included speed boats and or motorcycles...