Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hands down the best, most clever opening credits for a television show ever. Edward Gorey's intro brings back fond memories of tuning in to Mystery! as a kid. On a related note, I've seen many ads recently for the new Sherlock Holmes action movie, which looks pretty silly to me. Robert Downey Jr. is an interesting choice for Holmes (I say "interesting", not necessarily good). For my money you simply can't beat Jeremy Brett from Mystery!


  1. Jeremy Brett was one of the true greats. He is, for me, pretty much the only person I think of when I think Holmes. He dominated the role so much. It is as if this was what Conan Doyle had in mind from the get. RIP Jeremy Brett you are always missed...but with the new Holmes atrocity looming, now more than ever do we miss your frantically morose portrayal of the greatest detective in the world. Watch "The Sign of Four", one of several two-parters they did...shit is scary as fuck!

  2. Ahh, my nigga Gorey. I didn't know he ever animated stuff. Fucking fresh.