Friday, October 9, 2009

Adam Wainwright is kinda a punk.

Ah, the MLB Baseball playoffs. This is my favorite time of the year to be sure, and with the drama of the postseason comes all the requisite bull-roar and tom-foolery of a sport where 162 (and in the case of the Minnesota Twins, 163) hard played games puts a team in a unique position to be eliminated from the whole deal in 3 meager games. We won't go into detail over the absurdity of the best of 5 set-up of the LDS' at this point, I will only say that it does not take a baseball wizard to understand that all postseason series' ought to be best of 7, end of story. Anyways, with the pressing nature of a series where to go down 0-2 is essentially a death sentence, there are always going to be heated remarks and tempers will flare, but I have always felt that it is important to keep some perspective on WHY a team loses or wins. The minute the blame game starts to be played I typically throw my girlish arms in the air and softly cry "Why would you say that? You silly baseball man!" Perhaps I don't really do this (if only in my dreams) but I do wonder why you would add fuel to the fire when your back is firmly against the wall. Such is the case with potential Cy Young Award winner Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Here is a link to listen to his comments after the Cardinals game 2 loss on Thursday night in Los Angeles (to go down 0-2).

Okay, so he isn't really whining here, but I think it is kind of silly to blame a play on the fans at any point. I have a lot of respect for Wainwright, and his fellow Cy Young canidate Chris Carpenter. They are ballsy players and two of the very best in the NL, but this kind of deflection is just plain silly. I suppose that the Dodgers ought to complain about the St. Louis gentry blinding their batters with an overabundance of red sweaters and straw hats? Not likely. After Holliday's error the Dodgers still had to score 2 runs to win the game. That is the most important aspect of the story in my mind. Ballsy play from James Loney, Casey Blake, Ronnie Belliard, Russell Martin, and triumphantly Mark Loretta are what gave the Dodgers the win. The error allowed those events to transpire but Franklin couldn't shut the door (Mariners fans will remember this crackpot) with two down. Bravo Adam for protecting your teammate but place the blame somewhere else other than the fans. Those are the jerks that allow you to make a shit-ton of money playing a child's game. I don't begrudge you making money, I celebrate it, but just appreciate the situation you are in. Perhaps I am making too much of this small statement from a guy that just pitched 8 innings of Cy Young ball, but I still feel like the Dodger fans need to have their fellow fans represent for them. I'm sure nobody ever mentions the batteries, urine, beer, and obscenities that are hurled at opposing right fielders in Yankee stadium. That is just the way it is. When you play in another team's Park you are at a disadvantage! That is the whole idea of home-field advantage, otherwise they ought to play all the games in Las Vegas, or Atlantic City (that might be a lot of fun). Dodger fans are generally very respectful and don't engage in east-coast dramatics, show some respect Adam. We do things different on the West.

Oh, and yes, I am most assuredly rooting for the Dodgers. I want a Dodgers vs. Yankees World Series. East vs. West is gangbusters. It'll be like Biggie vs. Tupac, except that Joe Torre's Dodgers are way fucking cooler than Tupac Shakur. And the Yankees smell more like Sean Combs than Christopher Wallace! Westside!


  1. Hahaha! EXCELLENT post my friend. It had been too long a Zeke drought 'round these parts. And a hearty "hear hear". I'm at work so I can't listen to his comments, but from what I've ascertained, I don't care how good a pitcher you are, a road game is a road game is a road game. Home field advantage is just that, an advantage. Fuck outta here. Although I do support the idea of every postseason game being played in Atlantic City.

  2. Go Dodgers indeed! I just stumbled upon the crazy statistic that the Yankee's bullpen has cost the organization over $200 million to acquire. That is just ridiculous! Of course you are gonna at least make it to the World Series if you have a money printing press directly under your stadium! (Then again, maybe not *hope, hope*)