Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tiny Piglets

Adorable tiny pigs have taken the place of the ridiculous accessory dog trend spearheaded by Paris Hilton’s gross-looking Chihuahua, “Tinkerbell” in the early 2000s, according to a recent article in the UK’s Daily Mail.  Though it generally makes a lot more sense NOT to carry an animal around in your purse or pocket, if you are lonely or bored and really feel like you need to have a little friend with you at all times, then a mini porker, or, “micro pig,” if you will (and I will), is a way cooler and smarter animal to bring to the bar or on a walk than a miniature dog.  First of all, at the size of a teacup, micro pigs are tiny and cute - not big and gross like normal pigs (Micro pigs weigh 9 oz at birth).  

They reach full growth within two years, but at 14 inches and 65 pounds, never get much bigger than a Labrador.  They can live up to 18 years, don’t make noise, are very clean and rarely make a mess.  You don’t have to take them on walks or cut their hair.  They like to play with toys and will sit quietly on your lap while you watch TV.  A micro piglet named “Peanut” is currently one of the tiniest adult pigs in England and he lives with a British woman named Miss Croft.  “They really are fantastic fun, highly sociable and make amazing pets,” said Miss Croft.  “They will sit on your lap while you watch TV so you can scratch their belly.  They will even talk to you and have you giggling for hours.”  The only drawback is that micro pigs can cost up to £700—about $1100 US.


  1. The only drawback is their cost? I'd say another huge drawback is that you would be LIVING WITH SWINE. Really, they are ugly, ugly animals.