Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's October already!?

What the hell happened to the last month? It seems like it was September for about a week, now we've flashed forward to spooky ol' October. Ah well, I guess it is time to start thinking up cheap Halloween costumes again. Here are a couple ideas for some do it yourself get-ups courtesy of Utagawa Toyokuni, all guaranteed to make you look like you are completely insane.

Here we have an owl (which may be a tough one because to get the maximum effect you'd have to keep your eyes wide open and unblinking all night. Hmmm...)


A crane...

Replace the tea kettle with a camcorder and the kimono with a soiled bed sheet to really capture the majesty and grace of the wild crane!

A fish...

This one is ideal if you are hosting a Halloween party seeing as if you do anything besides

writhe and flop on the ground the illusion will be destroyed.

A squid...

If you go with this one you may want to allow extra time to reach your

destination since wriggling will be your primary mode of transportation.

A lobster...

I suggest wielding actual scissors in each hand to really up the ante. Also, since you will have a laundry basket stuck to your ass all night, feel free to stash your wallet, car keys and extra beers in there.

A rooster...

I can't in good conscience suggest this costume seeing as the artist is a bit vague on how the whole tail feathers/umbrella is actually attached, but from the looks of things this costume seems a bit...invasive.

*In other ghostly news the Ghostface Killah just won his lawsuit against RZA. Wu Tang forever indeed.

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